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Condell Engineering were invited by YES Machinery to the SteelFab Show in Sharjah UAE in January.

Compared to other shows the footfall was a lot lower but the calibre of client was excellent. YES Machinery are the local distributor for many well-known European products. Their booth was well organised with both YES Machinery staff and many of the sales representatives from the European companies there too. There was a good mix of tools and machinery, something to suit all of the visitors.

Health and Safety

Since FabTech in November 2017 where Condell Engineering launched the PAT2, improvements have been made. It can now accommodate fitting and pipes from 8 to 24 inches in diameter. Pipe fitters and pipe fabrication workshop managers are quick to talk about a trade that is becoming more and more health and safety conscious. Speaking to people in pipe fabrication around the world has brought our product to its full potential.

In Sharjah, Dubai and the surrounding areas the same is very true – health and safety is of the upmost importance. Increases in insurance costs and injuries go hand in hand. The job must be done with safety, accuracy and efficiency to the fore.

The Condell Engineering PAT2 can now offer pipe fabrication companies all of these.

Demonstrating at SteelFab, Cyril used a 16” 90 degree bend/ flange and aligned it to a pipe with little to no manual handling involved. This fabrication was carried out in three minutes from start to finish.

In pipe fabrication no method has yet come to the market that can compare to this process for large pipes. If you are involved in any pipe fabrication workshop your alignment tools are few and far between. Nothing much has changed in years. Pipe clamps, pipe stands, a level and a few men are required to align any fittings to pipes – until now.

Health and safety standards state that a pipe fabricator cannot handle a weight of more than 25kg. Our pipe alignment tool, the PAT2 can cut out heavy lifting by reducing manual handling with its gantry system. Its requires only a single operator and reduces the time required to fit up by a staggering amount. Visitors to our stand at SteelFab told us it would take two men anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to complete the same fit up, that Cyril was completing with the PAT2 in three minutes.

In brief:

  – PAT2 reduces manual handling of large fittings.

  – It has a six way levelling system which allows for fine adjustments of fit ups.

 – A single operator can set up with ease with very little training required.

 – Labour costs and time are overwhelmingly reduced.

 – PAT2 has the added advantage in the pipe fabrication workplace as it can be used on its own frame, workshop gantry, swing beam or even on a mobile crane for site work.

Reaction to the PAT2 at SteelFab was very promising. All visitors that saw the PAT2 in action were in awe of its capabilities. Time is money and we can save you both. Contact us to discuss your needs and find out how we can help you.

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Condell Engineering has over 35 years’ experience in pipe fabrication. Problem solving has always been to the forefront of our day.

Condell Engineering would like to take this opportunity to thank YES Machinery for their hard work and hospitality at SteelFab 2018.