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We at Condell are delighted to begin our collaboration with the German company, Kistler, in marketing our Pipe Alignment Tools.

The Kistler Machine Company is a family run business that manufacture welding positioners and cutting systems, while they also work with their customers directly, designing and manufacturing for their specific requirements.

Widespread Market

Running a business with all the different facets involved to make it a success is quite a challenge in the niche market of Pipe Alignment Tools, or any market for that matter. The market is widespread, in fact worldwide, but in order to spread the word, help is always needed. We have attended shows and spoken to different companies in the business, so to have made contact with the well renowned and well established German company, Kistler, is very positive for us and we are delighted to be working with them.

Online, on the road, on the phone, on your feet, selling is always the focal point of a business. Kistler’s experience and connections are paramount to us as we are a relatively new company in comparison. We are delighted that they join with YES Machinery in the UAE and T.Bentsen in Norway in promoting our range of products.

New Methods in Pipe Alignment

Introducing new methods of work practice into an industry can be slow as people are wary of change. We all want to improve on the way previous generations did things. In the case of Pipefitting, little has changed over the years, that is, until now. Our Pipe Alignment Tools bring innovation and cost saving benefits to those who use them. Accuracy, safety and efficiency, are all required in today’s work place. People can be hesitant to accept change, however, it does come.

Check out the Pipe Alignment Tools on our website and embrace the change.  Here we are featured in the recent Newsletter from Kistler