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PAT 2 is the new patent pending Pipe Alignment Trolley from Condell Engineering which we brought to the USA in November in order to do vital Customer Research.

Keep the customer happy. The customer is always right. Listen to your customer……

We have all heard sayings like these time and time again. We can all find it hard to listen at times, but Condell Engineering attended Fabtech with our customer 100% in mind. It was a great opportunity to listen to people working day in and day out in pipe fabrication.


Pipe Fabrication Problems

Problems met in the industry are similar the world over.  We listened to how they have overcome their problems to date and what they would like to see happen in the future in this industry. The people we met are involved with pipes in many different areas. The student, the salesman for pipe tools, the man on the shop floor of the fab shop, to owners and managers with years of experience behind each person. The responses from the visitors to the stand were very positive and constructive and we would like to thank everyone for their feedback. Now it’s back to the drawing board to tweek those little things that would benefit our future customers.

Pipe Fabrication Projects

As well as designing Pipe Alignment Tools for pipe fitters and pipe fabrication companies, we at Condell Engineering are also directly involved in pipe fabrication projects so we know the importance for companies to stay competitive with work practices and be aware of improvements that there are in our industry. So at Fabtech we asked the question to a sample of companies that fabricate pipe:

On average, how long would it take them to align a 16” 90 degree bend to a pipe?

Their answers were anything from 30 to 45 minutes, with one company admitting that it would take them over an hour.

What would your answer be?

Condell Engineerings answer is:

 5 minutes, when using PAT 2.

PAT 2 has proved time and time again to reduce fit up times on all fitting types and pipe sizes between 8 and 20 inches while also improving safety, accuracy and efficiency.

Why settle for lost productivity?

Or indeed why do reworks?  Contact Condell Engineering at sales@condellengineering.ie  or look at PAT 2 to find out more.

All our pipe alignment tools will benefit your pipe fabrication workshop, and can improve your productivity while saving you money.

Condell Engineering would like to thank Sumner Manuacturing LLC of Houston Texas and the staff for the opportunity to demonstrate the prototype of our new patent pending Pipe Alignment Trolley at Fabtech in Chicago in November.