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Did you ever dream of becoming a professional athlete? I did. Hockey was my game but instead I became a ‘soccer mom!’

Ireland didn’t qualify for this World Cup but as I said, having been a ‘soccer mom’ in an earlier part of my life I do understand the excitement around this time. I also understand the heartache. Hours and hours of training. On top of the training though, it is the choices one has to make to become one of the best in your chosen field. You must have tunnel vision and with the support of family and friends, some make it big and some don’t. Sometimes we think it all looks so easy on the telly. But compromises must be made in your life to reach the top of your game. I think the same can be said about any career or profession.

Hours of practice

This week I caught a clip of a programme on telly discussing 10,000 hours of practice. Malcolm Gladwell has written a few books, but in ‘Outliers’ he speaks on the topic of mastery and practice. I didn’t run out to buy the book as I’m still one of those that frequents a bookshop or second hand shop but I did read a blog by Raymond T Hightower to give me an overview – This linked in for me with the start of the World Cup. We can understand the importance of practice when it comes to soccer.

A lifetime practising

Being the wife of a pipe fitter/ welder does not have the same ring to it as being a footballers wife. What we have to understand though is that once someone we love is passionate about something, when it is more than their job, when they spend a lifetime practising their passion, we like to support them in their endeavours. It’s not always easy, and I’m not saying we always do it quietly, no more or less I’m sure than a footballers wife may feel aggrieved from time to time.

Why, you might ask is Ruth waffling on about soccer. It is because we idolise the athlete that reaches the top of their game. We litterly put them on a pedestal. We all love a hero and the soccer crazed children in our house always had a favourite footballer. These athletes deserve our appreciation but so also does the everyday man that loves what he does and does it day in and day out knowing that no one is going to look for his autograph. He wants to be the best that he can be and while he may not set out to be a Master he becomes one in time. A Master in his chosen field.

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Ruth Condell, Condell Engineering.