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We are delighted to announce that the new Pipe Alignment Trolley PAT 2 will be launched next week at Fabtech in Chicago. 

We will be on the Sumner Stand, which is number B32061, if you want to view it or speak to us.

EFFICIENCY: Single operator can set up with ease, reducing labour costs and time. PAT 2 can be used on its own frame, workshop gantry, swing beam or mobile crane for site work.

SAFETY: Self-loading so reduces manual handling of large fittings. Very little training is required.

ACCURACY: Six way levelling system which allows for fine adjustment.


Do you want to save time in your business? PAT 2 can do that and more….

PAT 2 is a new mobile pipe alignment tool which can be used on its own frame or on any other form of lifting device in the workshop or on site.

PAT 2 (8/20) is ideal for aligning pipes and fittings 8 to 20 inches in diameter. Larger models are available on request

Operators of this equipment must be trained before using. Note that the design of the Pipe Alignment Trolley may be changed without prior notice.


Model: PAT 2 (8/20) Height: 108” Weight: 650 lbs Length: 36” Width: 36” Lifting Capacity: 600lbs Lifting Mechanism: Chain block


Heavy duty steel construction • True vertical lift • Six way leveling system • Four wheel breaking system • All wheel steer • Chain block permits pin point control • Rubber roller bearing wheels


Visual inspection must be carried out daily before use, checking: • Condition of wheels • Braking system • Condition of chain blocks • Pins and clips are in good condition

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