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Pipe Fitting Tools

Pipe fitting tools designed and manufactured by Condell Engineering Solutions represent an exciting new development in the industry.

Benefits of innovations from Condell Engineering Solutions include:

  • Marked increase in productivity
  • Increase in accuracy and efficiency
  • Increased operative safety
  • Decrease in level of manual handling needed
  • Easier to use by operatives of all skill levels

Our innovations are:


– Fitting Center Finder

– Pipe Alignment Vice

The Condell Fitting Center Finder and Condell Pipe Alignment Vice may be used as stand alone alignment tools but are at their best when used together in a pipe fabrication shop or on site. Ideal for use in the oil and gas industry, water and pharmaceuticals industry, wherever welding clamps and pipe alignment tools are used in pipe fabrication.

Condell Engineering Solutions Ltd. reserves the right to make design changes to their pipe fabrication alignment tools without prior consultation.