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Pipe Alignmet Trolley

Pipe Alignment Trolley PAT 3 (8″ – 24″)


The NEW Pipe Alignment Trolley (8″-24″) PAT 3 from Condell Engineering Solutions is a new mobile pipe alignment tool which can be used on its own frame or on any other form of lifting device in the workshop or on site.

PAT 3 (8″-24″) is ideal for aligning pipes and fittings 8 to 24 inches in diameter.


It delivers many advantages over traditional pipe clamps, including:


  • Increased accuracy – fittings can be aligned more easily and are held more firmly in place. Six way leveling system which allows for fine adjustment.
  • Increased efficiency – Single operator can set up with ease, reducing labor costs and time. PAT 3 can be used on its own frame, workshop gantry, swing beam or mobile crane for site work.
  • Increased safety – Self loading so reduces manual handling of large fittings.
  • Very little training required.
  • Long-term savings – the capability of completing more work in a shorter timeframe means projects can be brought to conclusion more quickly and within budget.

Additional benefits of the Pipe Alignment Trolley include:

Portability – can be used in either a workshop or on-site setting

  • Versatility – suitable for use on all pipes and fittings from 8” to 24”

See PAT 3 in action

To see the Condell Engineering Solutions Pipe Alignment Trolley in action, simply contact us to arrange a demonstration.

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Pat 3 8to24PAT 3 – The Pipe Alignment Trolley 3 (8″ – 24″)

How PAT 3 works

The Pipe Alignment Trolley  3 (PAT 3) is a free-standing  mobile work station, centered around an adjustable horizontal bed that can be raised and lowered using a manual chainblock.

Components are placed on the bed where they can be aligned and squared with ease, prior to tacking.

PAT 3 has a unique built-in four-way levelling system (forward/backward  and up/down) to allow use by just one operative. It also features a forward thrust to apply sufficient additional hands-free pressure to the joining point, allowing the pipe fitter to set the root gap with ease.




PAT 3’s versatility

The PAT 3 can be used as an alternative to pipe clamps to align fittings from 8” to 24” in all industrial sectors, including oil, gas, water, and pharmaceuticals.

Its four-wheel trolley design means it can easily be transported from a workshop to a laydown area on a fabrication work site, or wherever else it may be needed.

While in service, it allows accurate alignment of  large fittings in approx. 5 minutes, rather than the average 20 to 30 minutes required when using traditional pipe clamps. PAT 3 can achieve these results for any combination of pipework, including:

  • Flanges
  • Reducers
  • T-pieces
  • PUP pieces

PAT 3 has a workload capacity of 400kg (880 lbs) – sufficient even for heavy-duty alignment of larger fittings – and is supplied with tooling to meet pipe alignment requirements.