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Pipe Alignment Vice

The Condell Pipe Alignment Vice allows the clamping of pipes and fittings from 2 to 10 inches in diameter. All elements are constructed of carbon steel. The Condell Pipe Alignment Vice allows pipes and fittings to be clamped in the horizontal position and then rotated to the desired working angle. It can plumb and level the components using the inbuilt two-way levelling system. When used in conjunction with the Pipe Fitting Center Finder this allows a single operator tack up components in the horizontal position without the use of additional pipe clamps or flange pins.

Safety Accuracy Efficiency

With all Condell Pipe Alignment Tools, safety accuracy and efficiency are of the utmost importance. When using the Vice, components are clamped SAFELY into the horizontal position and then rotated to the desired angle. Through the use of the two-way levelling system pipes and fittings can be ACCURATELY plumbed and levelled. The Vice is EFFICIENT as it allows just a single operator to tack up components for pipe fabrication.

Mounting Details

The Pipe Alignment Vice can be fitted to any bench in the workshop or site environment. The bench on which the Vice is assembled needs to be drilled with 1 No.x  7/8 inch (22mm) hole 14 inches (355mm) in from the edge of the bench.

Components of Vice

The Condell Pipe Alignment Vice consists of a half circle protractor face plate which has notches every 22 1/2° in which the pipe fabrication components can be locked in place using the drop over latch.

  • Safety Handle.
  • Two-way levelling System.

Pipe Alignment Vice

To see the Condell Engineering Solutions Pipe Alignment Vice in action, simply view our video or else contact us to arrange a demonstration.

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