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Pipe Fitting Center Finder

The Pipe Fitting Center Finder from Condell Engineering Solutions Ltd. is a true innovation that brings greatly increased efficiency to the task of preparing fittings for fabrication.

It is the first such device of its type on the market. It allows fittings to be accurately pre-marked and therefore ready for assembly before being delivered to the fitting team – saving time and therefore allowing the job to be completed much quicker.

Pipe Fitting Center Finder construction

The Pipe Fitting Center Finder consists of an easily adjustable fitting holder and a separate center marker fitting for flanges.

All elements are constructed from stainless steel.

Using the Pipe Fitting Center Finder

Using the Pipe Fitting Center Finder is simple. It can be used for accurate and efficient marking of:

  • Flanges
  • Elbows
  • Tee pieces
  • Concentric reducers
  • Eccentric reducers

The fitting holder is fully adjustable in all directions, to accommodate pipes of all sizes from 1.5 inch to 6 inch fittings.

Benefits of the Pipe Fitting Center Finder

  • Increased accuracy – when locating center spots
  • Increased efficiency – center marking is easier and quicker to achieve
  • Increased productivity – pipes can be marked by a semi-skilled operative, allowing fully skilled staff to remain at other tasks
  • Easy repeat – if several segments of piping of the same size are to be marked together
  • Long-term savings – the increased productivity means projects can be completed more quickly

See the Pipe Fitting Center Finder in action

To see the Pipe Fitting Center Finder in action, simply view our video here, or else contact us to arrange a demonstration.

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